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Srebrenica-myth serves only US-propaganda

Perjantai 10.7.2015 klo 14.01 - Pirkko Turpeinen-Saari

Srebrenica-propaganda celebrates it's 20th anniversary. Bosnian Serbs are being accused of genocide of the population of the demilitarized town of Srebrenica and execution of 8000 muslim men and boys, in July 1995.

 UN military observers were starting to hold a press meeting about Operation storm in Zagreb when a staff member of the United States embassy arrived and informed that at just that moment an other press briefing was about to be held in the embassy about Srebrenica. Journalists rushed there to be told about satellite pictures about crowds waiting to be executed and disturbed earth afterwards as a sign of graves. The satellite pictures were never revealed and the information was as trustworthy as the later information about the weapons of mass destruction of Irak.

" Operation storm" however was as real as the initiator role of the US in the war in Bosnia. The military operation was planned by US retired general's MPRI and it had been planned for months. During one week-end in the beginning of August 1995 250.000 Serbs were expelled from Croatian Krajina which had been declared an UN protection zone for the Serbs, whose ancestors had been living in the area since the middle-ages. 2500 civilians died as they were trying to escape the bombardments and artillery fire. Also many UN observers were killed.

Already a full week earlier the Hague Yugoslav Tribunal (invented by president Clinton and Germany's minister of foreign affairs Kinkel) had accused the president of the Republika Srbska and the commander of the army of genocide and other war crimes in Srebrenica. The accusation came at a time when all the jihadist fighters had not yet arrived from Srebrenica to Tuzla 60km further.

This clever accusation made it impossible for the president and the commander to participate in the peace negotiations in Dayton.

Srebrenica was never demilitarized. The Canadian and Dutch peace-keepers did not dare to take the arms from the jihadist division fighters. First the jihadists had expelled the Serb inhabitants from the town proper. In the leadership of Naser Oric they terrorized also moderate muslims especially women during the war years. Oric led his gangs to the surrounding Serb-villages which they burned and executed the inhabitants, often at Christmas-time or during other religious holidays. Some of the inhabitants had experienced the same percecution already during the second world war when the fascist Croatia had introduced the holocaust of the serbs and jews. The Muslims and Croats collaborated in the terror. Oric took videofilms from the attacs, showed burning houses and decapitated villagers. He liked to show the videos to journalists with a lot of booze and laughter.

Doctor Ljubisa Simic has written a book about the destiny of the villages and their inhabitants. Its an elegic book with pictures and all the names and dates of birth and death of the killed serb-inhabitants.

Anyone can see from You-tube how the army of Republika Srbska led by general Ratco Mladic came to Srebrenica. How he and the commander of Dutch-bat Karremans discussed the situation in town, how to treat the muslim soldiers in the hospital, how to arrange the buses to those who wanted to leave the town. General Mladic says clearly how anyone who likes to stay can stay and anyone who likes to leave to some other destination can get a bus ride and the UN is providing the gasoline. Mladic also demanded that in each bus has to be a UN soldier.

Those fighters and civilians who did not want to lay down their arms started moving towards Tuzla, 60 km from Srebrenica. On the way there were muslim and serb minefields. Those people were met also by groups of serb army and there are several combat sites along the way with heavy casualties on both sides.

From facts it is known that executions happened during the war years by all ethnic groups. Of the graves surrounding Srebrenica and between Srebrenica and Tuzla the Hague Tribunal has discovered 3.568 bodies from 13 sites between 1995 - 2001. The cause of death can be determided only through autopsy. The tribunal would like to consider every body as having been executed. However that is not a scientific fact as far as the autopsies are concerned.

According to autopsies 477 have been proven to have been executed. As many of the body findings consist of only one bone, it is impossible to define the cause of death. One cannot determine if the one has died in minefield, artilleryfire, been shot in combat or executed.

The total number, according to two different scientific methods, consists of between 1919 and 1923 bodies.

The western propaganda was performed by Ruder-Finn Public relations firm. (Today's anti Putin, anti-Russia propaganda is performed by Hill&Knowlton) Truth is the most dangerous enemy to the US and its NATO-allies. The burden of illegal bombing of Yugoslavia weighs heavily on them. Propaganda is needed to cover up the truth why the US and especially Germany wanted to expand their economic and military power to the Balkans.

Srebrenica-lies have supported the status quo in Bosnia. There has been no truth comission to alliviate the tense relations. The muslims are obliged to follow the US -propaganda as it gives them economic benefits. Not a single Serb village in the Srebrenica area has been repared as all muslim villages are full of brand new houses and playfields for the children.

The veto against accepting the Srebrenica-genocide lie in the UN security council was an important step towards truth. A scientific board is needed to collect information and start a balanced collaboration between ethnic groups in Bosnia. 

So far the US and NATO-countries have been blackmailing especially the Serbs of Serbia to accept lies as facts and demanding apologies of crimes that have never happened. 

War is the most severe crime ever. The Serbs did not start the wars splitting Yugoslavia but the big western world powers did. To maintain the lies about wars you need an effective propaganda. Today we see this is Ukraine. When te government of Ukraine declares war to it's eastern part, the propaganda blames Russia. When Russia saves the lives of people and helps a million people, those who flee the war, the western propaganda does not give merit to that. Only a person without a heart can live with the lies. Militarism and use of economic power distroyes ones emotions and changes human race to robots.


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